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Mad About Money

The old-fashioned advice to save money and become rich is a myth

Is saving money your best strategy for getting rich? If it is, then you had better stop right now and find another way. No one has been able to build wealth just by saving money. Managing savings is a good discipline – it can give you a comfortable quality of life.

Taxes, Debt, Inflation, and Retirement stop salaried people from becoming rich

There are certain beliefs that are so much age old that it has become part of our being for generations. The money myth is one such thing.

The rich don’t rest on their laurels

The very thought of you getting up in the morning and finding yourself surrounded by immense wealth surely seems like a beautiful dream. People who fancy becoming rich and dream of living a lavish and luxurious lifestyle are either actually living it or working towards it.

Sachin Mittal, Editor, Mad About Money magazine

“Your dream – a bungalow or a mansion, top luxury cars in your garage,
multi-million dollars in your bank account, a private plane that you can take to anywhere in the world. This is your dream but the rich are already living it. In fact, they are so accustomed to it that it is a normal lifestyle to them. This is where you need to reach. You will know it when being rich becomes
a habit rather than choosing to be wealthy.”

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