Mad About Money - October 2017

Mad About Money – October 2017

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Mad About Money is financial management with a difference. It aims to make financial freedom a reality through interactive media and personal and group connect. It is about developing a mindset apart from the general mindset – A mindset which has made the rich rich and left the poor to remain poor. But if you believe that you can become richer than all the people you know, if you believe that you can own all the expensive things that you see, if you believe that you can buy multiple houses, or lots of jewellery or something else then you definitely can. This is our motto.

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Value of money changes constantly, all the time, and that in turn affects businesses. We have all seen in the recent past how demonetization changed the value of money and affected small businesses. So it is but imperative that one keeps a track of the nature of change in money and business and constantly innovate in order to make these changes work in his/her favour.

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